About our Leader

E7A cutting edge motivator, educator, community advocate & orator of the gospel, Jawane Hilton still maintains his humility in spite the many accolades given. Born and raised in the culturally mixed and economically diverse city of Carson, CA in a single parent home, he was faced with the same challenges that most endure when raised in that type of environment.

Educated in the Los Angeles Unified School district and furthered his learning at California State University, Northridge where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Urban Development. He has a earned Masters of Divinity Degree  from the Haggard School of Theology (HST) at Azusa Pacific University.

Pastor Hilton’s spiritual base is his heart desire and the love that he lives for and at only 33 years of age he is already moving into the things in which God has called him to be. In October of 2007 God birthed the long awaited vision City on the Hill Church a ministry concerned about building people. His earnest prayer is that God would allow him to open eyes and change lives of every person under the sound of his voice, thus making a significant difference within the community.

He also served as the Regional Director of Protocol, for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship under the leadership of Bishop Milton. M. White, a position which required him to utilize his skills of mass delegation, coordination, and timeliness.  As a result of his faithfulness he has recently been appointed to Office of District Overseer of the Los Angeles Harbor District. He is serving under California State Bishop Johnny Ray Withers, Jr.

Pastor Hilton is the husband of Shonta Hilton and  the father of Madison Jae Hilton who went on to be with the Lord in March of 2010, He is also the proud father of Raegan Grace Hilton.  No matter how he is described, Pastor Jawane Hilton is “Building People to Build a city.”